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Custom Web Development

Modern and tailor-made software developed by industry experts to improve your web experience and give you an edge over your competitors. 

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Webschema offers web design services with a blend of creativity, innovation, and technology. Whether it is to create new websites, application or databases or to enhance or maintain your current one. Our team of expert developers will work on your project and deliver beyond your expectations. We deliver cross-platform web design and development services. Our mobile-first development approach ensures all your visitors across all devices enjoy the same great experience.

With over 14 years of hands-on development experience, Our team of expert developers has over the years dealing with different projects of different complexity and sizes from small applications for small businesses to multi-functional software for enterprises.

We will analyze your specific needs and build tailor-made applications.

Our Area of expertise includes:

  • WordPress & Woocommerce
  • JAMStack 
  • Gatsby, React JS 
  • GraphQL
  • React Native
  • Contentful
  • Markdown
  • Strapi, Ghost, Contentful
  • Netlify, AWS, Azure
  • CodeIgniter

Chatbot Development

Businesses are turning to chatbots to adapt to this new communication. Our chatbots development solution enables you to interact more with your customers to increase engagement and conversions.

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With customers, today are favoring “messaging” as the communication medium of choice. Chatbots are emerging the best way businesses can interact with their customers in real-time. Chatbots can initiate conversations, receive queries from your customers and offer assistance on how they can resolve issues without being there physically.

We design simple chatbot systems with a human conversational touch. Our chatbots can be incorporated into websites, mobile apps, and Facebook Messanger.

Top enterprises are already leveraging on chatbots to increase engagement, traffic, and conversion. Don’t be left out.

 Some Benefits of Our Chatbot System Include

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Improves your capacity to provide personalized services
  • Enables you to deliver an exceptional customer experience
  • Enables instant customer service
  • Capable of self-learning and more

Targeted Marketing

Dominate your market and crush your competitors. Get accurate metrics and data to help you widen your reach, generate more sales and increase brand exposure.

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Why run your advertising campaigns on guessing when you can access real-time metrics and analytics? The more you understand your customers, the easier it is to target them. And that is what Webschema offers.

Today, accurate measurements and tracking is the foundation for a high performing marketing or advertising campaign. Our Targeted marketing solutions enable brands to improve their visibility and generate targeted leads that turn into lasting customers.

We will provide data to provide more in-depth customer insight and enable you to create more personalized and targeted ads. This will ensure you have a high ROI. We can also monitor engagement across your website and social media campaigns and help you generate more sales.

If you are frustrated with lack of results from your marketing and advertising efforts, then

 We can help you:

  • Reach your audience
  • Google Adwords marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Campaign monitoring
  • Campaign progress reporting


Get an ideal E-commerce platform to sell your products and services. Increase customer experience with unique interfaces and integrated payment systems.

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Expand your reach online and get more customers for your products. We will set up a beautiful E-commerce website that offers an exceptional shopping experience.

Our online store solutions include both custom and plugin developments. Whether it is to create or customize your site, add payment gateways and amazing features. Our team of developers will work on your project holistically to come up with the best solution to enable you to achieve your business goals.

We don’t offer generalized services. Our e-commerce solution is customer specific. Its created to give you dynamism and allow you to get a prime competitive edge.

 What we do:

  • Build your online shop,
  • Integrate PayPal and stripe payment solutions
  • Setting up SEO and analytics
  • Preparing your product details
  • Maintaining your online shop as a support service
  • Training you to operate your online business

Social Media

Convert your social channels into a lead-generation resource. Build a strong connection with your audience through engagement, drive traffic and improve on brand awareness.

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Our social media services are tailored to help brand develop and maintain a voice on social media.

We acknowledge the fact that growing your followers on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter etc., will increase your brand popularity and get you more referrals.  As a result, we tailored our packages to grow engagement on your social media posts.

We will also increase your followership across your target market. You are getting your followers that match your specific demographics, behavior and interest.

Have in mind that when you build a strong connection with your audiences, they will buy from you.

We help businesses with Google Business registration.

Business Technical Support

Whether you need proactive support for website maintenance or social media account management, Hire us to get a fantastic advantage in all your online endeavor.

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Whether you need help managing your website, social media accounts, software support, CMS, Portal, etc.  Our services ensure you get professional solutions that will improve your business. We have qualified and experienced developers and digital marketing experts to provide any assistance you need.

The quality of your website, the app is an essential factor that determines customers buying decision. A quality online store with well-arranged texts and quality images give a good impression of your business. Don’t compromise on quality. Let us help you keep the highest quality.

 Our list of Technical support services include:

  • Manage your custom/3rd party application
  • Provide proper documentation for the application.
  • WordPress website
  • WordPress version upgrade
  • Site backup
  • Content upload
  • Development hours
  • Smooth operation
  • Online Shop
  • WordPress and Woocommerce upgrade
  • Site backup
  • Product configuration
  • Product upload
  • Image preparation
  • Development hours
  • Application support
  • Social Media (Facebook page, LinkedIn Page, Business Twitter account)
  • Social media content calendar
  • Social media campaign
  • Goal and content mapping
  • Scheduled content upload
  • Customer response management

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